Are you willing to be on your own fitness journey? Are you willing to help others get on theirs? 

Team Beachbody is a highly reputable company featuring the most popular and result-driven programs designed by the most professional and ethical leaders in the industry.  Having a passion to want to help people exercise and get moving has been a part of who I am since I was 23 years old.  That is when I decided I needed an outlet from my 8-5 desk job. My corporate office provided a gym which is where I became in LOVE with group exercise, so much that I earned my personal training certification and group exercise certification within the same year.  I didn't know what I was going to do with those certifications yet.... but I believed someday I would.   When the Beachbody coaching opportunity was shared with me by my good friend, I couldn't wait to dive in and learn how I could help more people by using some of the hottest workouts while exercising in the comfort of their own homes.  When I joined in 2008, I knew right away I was among inspiring leaders who truly wanted to make a difference and literally help 1 person at a time reach their fitness and nutrition goals.  This business isn't about sales, it's about sharing an experience and solving a problem.  Every ONE matters and this has been Team Beachbody's motto since they formed the networking community in 2007.  My faith, family and life balance come first in my life, and I know the same things are so important to many of you, but sometimes it's hard to know when or how to make a move into something new and different. 

I never imagined I would be the CEO of my own fitness business but here I am earning more income and helping more people than I ever thought possible.  For almost 17 years, I just was plugging along the corporate route wondering if I would ever be able to put my education of Exercise Science to use.  Thanks to Beachbody, and a great friend who believed in me, I have the freedom to work my own hours, be my own boss, and share my passion to help people understand the importance of health and nutrition.  Also, thanks to Beachbody, I was able to get out of debt and still have money saved (thankfully) during some personal trials in 2010.  I learned in my past experiences and by losing loved ones at a early age, the #1 controllable factor to living a healthy life comes down to how we treat our bodies.  In order for people to help others, we have to believe in ourselves first.    I had to trust God was leading me into a new endeavor so I needed to TRUST and BELIEVE my heart was telling me to JUMP.   I'm truly dedicated to God, my family and friends, clients and coaches on my team, all whom I truly love, and promise to lead by example and with a giving heart full of LOVE and CARE. 

If you love helping people and desire something more for you and your family (more time, more income, more flexibility, more recreation, more balance), I'd love to share with you more how coaching has changed my life for the better and how it might be able to help you change yours.

Become A Fitness Entrepreneur:

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Become A Fitness Entrepreneur:

I never imagined I could own my own business, but deciding to become a Coach & Fitness Entrepreneur was the best decision I ever made.  I never feel like I'm selling, just sharing what has worked for me and others.  My Coaches are just people who enjoy fitness, who love helping others, and want a better lifestyle and freedom that the average "job" cannot provide.  Some of my most successful Coaches are those who wanted to get into both physical and financial health, while working from home.  Contact me below, and allow me to get in touch with you at your convenience to see if Beachbody coaching might be a fit for you and your family.


Coach Success Stories:

You've read a little about my story, and why I became a coach so I thought it would be nice to hear from another coach in our organization.  There are thousands of Coaches who are sharing their story how Beachbody has not only changed their lives physically, but emotionally, and financially.  We all hit tough times, but Tulin's resilience to bounce back and how she did it is so inspiring.  Tulin shares her struggles in her life and how so many things changed when she made the decision to change HER mindset and TRUST.  WOW!


Team Momentum:

I'm so proud of my Team! We are Team Momentum...dreamers, doers and encouragers.  These ladies are dedicated to becoming their best-self by sharing what has helped them while offering advice, support and encouragement to their challengers and coaches.  They actively lead by example to become the best they can be physically, mentally and spiritually.  I'm truly thankful for these friends whom I consider my extended family.  I LOVE being a Team Beachbody coach for so many things, but mostly because of these beautiful hearts of gold I am surrounded by each and every day.  Select "Learn More" if you'd like to hear more about becoming a Coach on my Team, Team Momentum?  

Become A Challenger 

Challenge Packs Promotions:

Beachbody Challenge packs (CP) are the complete package, offering total support for achieving your health and fitness goals.  Fitness, Nutrition, Support all equal success.  With the Challenge pack you will receive a fitness program, 1 of 5 delicious Shakeology flavors (1 month supply), and a FREE 30-day trial membership to the Team Beachbody club, where you will find all the support you'll need to keep you on track with the program you select.  To see and read more about the current month's Challenge packs click LEARN MORE and message Mary to inquire about joining her next monthly accountability group so you're sure to stay on track from start to finish of our health journey.  If you like the ease of using your wifi versus DVD's, the BOD on demand CP is a GREAT value, and then you'll have access to all over 300+ workouts available On Demand.


Annual All Access Beachbody on Demand for the LOW price of $160.00

Exercise at Home with Mary's support: 

Every month Mary hosts accountability groups to keep her clients motivated, accountable, and dedicated to commit to your own personal fitness and nutrition goals.  Mary likes to refer to her NEW customers and clients who participate in a Beachbody program for the first time as a "challenger."   This is where a small group of individuals team up and support one another virtually and form positive habits that last a life-time, while using an at-home exercise program of their choice. Typically, her accountability groups run 21-30 days. 

Challenge requirements:

  1. Exercise 30 minutes per day

  2. Replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology®

  3. Log your workouts and nutrition daily

Monthly Challenge groups vary depending on the time of year and current promotions. 

**BONUS** For Challengers participating in Mary's area, an organized workout is provided once during the month.

Once again this group is only open for NEW customers and coaches who aren't currently working with a Beachbody coach.  Please refer to the "At-Home Fitness" page to request Mary to be your coach.

Made To Move Facebook Group. 

Once Mary's challengers graduate from the Accountability group of the month, they are added to her lifetime accountability group Made to Move!  This group was created so that everyone can continue on their journey even though their accountability group has ended.  The goal for the challengers is to continue with the exercise and nutrition so not to stop the momentum gained from all their hard work.  This is an ongoing support group providing encouragement, incentives, tips, videos and motivational advice to keep you MOVING and become the best version of you.  This is also a GREAT group to join should you want to get a better feel of what it would be like to go from "Challenger" to "Coach."